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A Free Newsletter for Users of the HP95LX/100LX/200LX

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...Make Your Palmtop Serenade You 
...Make Your Palmtop Smarter 
Really want to manage your time better? Time management professionals agree: the first step in making better use of your time is to track how you use it. Put TimeTracker/LX on your palmtop.

Make Your Palmtop Serenade You Rather Than Just Beep
The "beep" or alarm sounds supplied with the Palmtop's Appointment Book are OK but for something interesting (or annoying \depending on your point of view) here are a few alarm sounds that will serenade you rather than just beep.

Either type the desired selection below, without the title, into MEMO or highlight and copy the selection and then paste it into MEMO. The blank spaces between the groups of characters are there to make it easier for you to read the code. The letter "L," is entered in upper case to distinguish it from the number "1." The alarm function doesn't care whether the letters are upper or lower case.

Each selection should be a single line. Any breaks in the line are due to the Internet rearranging the text. 

t200 k1 o3 v3 daf. L16 edfedc#e L4 o2 a

t200 k1 v3 L8 o2 a o3 d. L64 efede L8 fa o4 L8 d. L16 dc#def L8 c#. L16 dc#def L4 c#

t200 k1 o3 v3 L32 agdegbagdegb L64 abag L8 a L64 abag L8 a L32 agdegbagdegb L64 abag L8 a L64 abag L8 a

t200 k1 o4 v3 L32 fefc o3 afa o4 c edec o3 afa o4 c dcdc o3 afa o4 c edec o3 afa o4 c fefc o3 afa o4 c edec o3 afa o4 c dcdc o3 afa o4 c ede o3 bfdfb o4 c o4 o3 b o4 c o3 geceg o4 L4 c

After you've finished entering the desired tune save the file as C:\_DAT\ALARM.SND. Then in APPT press (MENU) Options Alarm Beep... and select Custom. You can press S to Test your new alarm. If you like it, press OK and the new sound will be used for all of your Appointment Book alarms.

Here's a suggestion to speed up the process. It involves creating the following System Macro.

1. Before creating the macro, activate APPTBOOK and press Menu, Options, Beep, Custom, Test. Make sure the Mute box does not have an X in it. Leave the dialog box on the screen, with the [Test] option darkened.

2. Use FILER to go to the directory where all the .SND files are and put the light bar on one of the sound files.

3. Activate Macro Record (Shift Fn Fkey, where Fkey is one of the function keys) and record the following macro.

Stop recording the macro after you return to FILER. The macro will copy the indicated file to C:\_DAT, after getting permission to overwrite the current ALARM.SND file. It then goes to APPT where it "tests" the sound. Finally it returns to FILER.

4. Anytime you want to test a new ALARM.SND, repeat steps 1 and 2 and then run the macro created in step 3.

For even more sound files, go to 
Put Alarm in the search field and click Fetch! 

For some different sound files, put Sound in the search field and click Fetch! This will reveal all the files dealing with sounds from the SUPER site. Download any or all the files and enjoy or annoy.

Make Your Palmtop Smarter with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a buzzword in the computer business in the 1980's. Today, it is being used rather than talked about.
For a brief introduction to AI see the "Through The Looking Glass" column in the current issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.
To fully outfit your Palmtop with a wide variety of AI programs, point your Web browser to and put the word "intelligence" (without quotes) in the search field. Click the on-screen Fetch! button and you'll get a list of programs and text files available on the SUPER site that deal with AI. You can download any or all of these and try them out. One or more of them may help you solve a problem--or a whole class of problems--in a truly portable fashion. 

Are you no longer using your palmtop? Sell us 1 or 1000--even if they are broken! See 
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