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November/December 1995

The HP Palmtop Paper

Volume 4, Number 6, 1995

Table of Contents





INTERVIEW: Development of the HP OmniGo 100 and the Future of HP Handhelds

Kheng-Joo Khaw, General Manager of HPs Asia Pacific Personal Computer Division, answers Hal Goldstein's questions on the development of HPs new OmniGo computers and the future of HP handhelds

REVIEW: The HP OmniGo 100 Handheld Organizer

HP's new OmniGo 100 comes with a built-in suite of PIM and financial applications. This new GEOS-based organizer supports keyboard and pen-based input. The next four articles take a look at its features and compare it to the HP Palmtop.

Connectivity and the HP OmniGo 100

David Shier takes a look at printing and HP's Connectivity Pack for the HP OmniGo 100

The OmniGo 100 as a Financial Tool

The OmniGo 100 financial applications get the once over by an HP 200LX-using CPA

User to User: The HP OmniGo 100

Hal compares the different products in HP's handheld line and a user "takes apart" an OmniGo 100.

HP's OmniGo 700LX Communicator Plus

Phone, fax, e-mail, and surf the net wherever you are. When available, HPs new OmniGo 700LX will integrate the power of the HP Palmtop's built-in applications with the flexibility of cellular phone communications.

Switch Between Applications with Software Carousel or MS DOSSHELL

Switch between the built-in applications and as many DOS programs as you like, and never get the "out of memory" message!

The 1995-1996 Subscribers Power Disk

Add new fonts to your Palmtop, make your cursor bigger and more readable, recover corrupted database files, modify the look of NoteTaker, customize your alarms with tunes and pictures, and more using programs on the new Subscribers PowerDisk!

User Profile: The HP Palmtop--An Effective Electronic Legal Assistant!

In the legal profession, efficient communications is the name of the game. Follow the experiences of this business lawyer as he stays in touch with clients and associates using the HP Palmtop PC.

Using the HP Connectivity Pack with a desktop PC running Windows 95

The 1-2-3 Column: Creating 1-2-3 Databases

Carl shows how to use 1-2-3 to create sophisticated databases that automatically calculate totals and subtotals.



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