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The HP Palmtop Paper May/June 1992

The HP Palmtop Paper

Issue 3 May/June 1992

Table of Contents

New HP Support Policies

HP offers 95LX U.S. users 90 days of free technical support and announces a 512K-to-1MB upgrade program or international users. HP Technical Support tells how to turn on the infrared port in new 95LXs. Rumors of new HP palmtops.

Other News

Publisher's Message

Letters To The Editor

REVIEWS: ACT! Contact Manager

This article reviews ACT!, the most popular contact manager of desktop computers, now available for the 95LX. The article also includes a brief look at two other contact managers: Pocket Sales Force and Contact 95.

USER PROFILES: A Lawyer Brings His Palmtop To Court

This palmtop novice learns to close unneeded applications, use PHONE as a database, and to type fast on his 95LX.

HP 95LX SUPPORT: CompuServe

Larry discusses his automated MESSAGE program for sending and retrieving of CompuServe messages using the HP 95LX.

DOS CONNECTION: PC Programs on the 95LX

Mark discusses how to check to see if a program that runs on an IBM compatible PC will work on the 95LX. He also describes procedures for customizing DOS programs for the 95LX, and lists DOS programs that will run on the 95LX.

DOS Programs That Run On The HP 95LX


It's finally here, and well worth the wait. Find out what's on the disk, how we selected it, and how easy it is to use. One program, WEEKABK, gives you a week-at-a-glance screen for your Appointment Book.

User To User

Hal reports on the future of System Manager and wireless communications, updates information on long-lasting AA batteries, discusses "vaporware," and describes the difference between The HP Palmtop ON DISK, the Subscribers Disk, and the printed version of The HP Palmtop Paper.

Guest Columnist: APPT

The 95LX's built-in APPT and PHONE applications can create to-do lists, remind you of appointments, and keep a well-organized phone book. Can you replace your day planner with an HP 95LX, or does it make more sense to use both?

Looking Glass

Ed discusses two Solver functions from HP CALC: L(x,alg) and G(x). He also mentions three DOS programs not found on the 95LX and some software from a new 95LX user.

Savvy User

Tom tells you how you can make use of EXPENSE.WK1, one of four Lotus worksheets built into ROM on the U.S. 95LX. He briefly reviews other programs, including: One that makes Alt and Ctrl "sticky" (press once instead of holding down), a program that puts a clock with huge block letters on the 95LX, and a program that lets the 95LX reproduce the tones of a touchtone phone, letting the 95LX dial a number.

Programmer's Corner

Ed briefly discusses Swift!Basic, and then discusses the five programming languages built into the 95LX. He expands on the MS-DOS batch command language with some powerful examples.

How Do You Do That?

More than a Phone Book, the 95LX's built-in database application can be used to organize and find all sorts of information. Here are some examples on how you might set up and use such a database.

Getting Started


Quick Tips


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