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Intermediate Variables

Intermediate Variables

When the variable is hidden, it is called an "intermediate variable". To use an analogy, an intermediate, hidden variable is something like putting some data in a 1-2-3 cell and then hiding the column so the casual user won't mess with it. (And, for those who are into C++ programming, this is something like putting a variable in a Class. The data is hidden and can only be changed by a member function. That's pretty sophisticated for a "calculator language.")

The complete rule for using L(,) and G() is: To make a variable disappear from a menu list, use it only as the first argument in the L(,) function and only use it outside of L(,) when it is "wrapped up" in G( ). Any other use of the variable in a Solver equation will make it appear in the menu list. This includes using the variable on the right side of the "," in L( , ).

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