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The HP Palmtop Paper Volume six / Issue one January/February 1997

The HP Palmtop Paper

Volume six / Issue one January/February 1997

Table of Contents

Publisher's Message

Palmtop Wisdom


New Products

HP Introduces 4 Mb 200LX

HP introduces a new HP 200LX with 4Mb of internal memory, lowers price on the HP 200LX 2 Mb Palmtop PC, and bundles version of Puma's IntelliSync Connectivity Software for Windows with 4Mb unit.

Synchronize Palmtop Data with PC Personal Information Managers

IntelliSync from Puma Technology lets you easily exchange and synchronize information between your HP 200LX and Windows PC.

KHENG-JOO KHAW on Windows CE and the Future of Handheld Computers

Hewlett-Packard's Kheng-Joo Khaw answers Hal Goldstein's questions on new products and future directions. Khaw is General Manager of HP's Asia Pacific Personal Computer Division. His division is responsible for HP's handheld product line.

A First Look at the New Windows CE Handheld PC

Will HP Palmtop users want to switch?

Japanese Innovations Improve the HP Palmtop

What started out as an e-mail message ended up as a wonderful review of powerful software and hardware innovations made by Japanese users of the HP Palmtops.

Plenty of Support in Japan for the HP Palmtop

With a NIFTY-Serve Forum, a number of excellent Web sites, and an active group of users, the HP Palmtop is well-supported in Japan.

Making the Palmtop Faster, Brighter and Better

The HP 100/200LX is a beautiful machine as is. However, some Japanese users wanted to make a good thing better and began tinkering. The results were as follows:

Maximizing the HP Palmtop with Japanese Software

List of Japanese Software

Adding Pictures to Your Phone Book, Appointment Book or Database with iPeX

The iPeX image display program lets you add graphics to the Palmtop's built-in Database, PhoneBook or Appointment Book.

Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) on Your HP Palmtop

Visual Information Radio Card Working with the Palmtop PC

Connecting Your Palmtop to a LAN with the Ethernet Card EN2212/2216 from Accton

Japanese users developed the software necessary to connect the Palmtop to a LAN using Accton's Ethernet adapter cards.

Many Uses for PC Parallel Port Card

New software driver for parallel port card speeds up data transfer.



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