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Password recovery

Password recovery

Jan Brands (jrbrands@win. tue.nl) has created a small (8-Kb) freeware utility program that finds the password in files that have been created by the DataBase, Notes, PhoneBook, Appointments and WorldTime (*.GDB, *.NDB, *.PDB, *.ADB and *.WDB) applications on the

HP 100/200LX palmtop. HPCRACK takes advantage of the fact that the password to a password-protected file is saved in the file itself, protected in a simple (although insufficient) way.

The program does not work with password-protected Memo files or Pocket Quicken files, which seem to use a different way of storing the password.

The program has two legitimate uses. First, its existence should serve as a warning that the password protection for many of your files on the HP LX is not sufficient to protect highly sensitive data.

Second, the program will be invaluable if you ever forget the password to a file. Just run HPCRACK, find out the lost password, then open your file.

To use HPCRACK, first make a backup of the file for which you cant remember the password. Then go to the DOS prompt and type:

Hpcrack <filename>

The password for the file will be displayed on the screen. Included with the program is the C source code so that those who are interested can learn more about the file protection algorithm.

Ralph C. Turner

Managing Editor

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