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The HP Palmtop Family

In production: 1991-1999


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Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis Division, introduced the Palmtop line in 1991/1992. It was the follow-on product to the semi-successful HP Portable 110 and Portable Plus laptop computers. 

The family of Palmtops consisted of the HP 95LX (Lotus Expandable), the HP 100LX, the HP 200LX and the HP 1000CX. To read more about each of these Palmtops, click on the hypertext links.

At the time of their introduction, the unique, marketing feature of the Palmtops was their extended battery life--up to three or four weeks using two, off-the-shelf, AA alkaline batteries. Later Palmtops could also use and recharge NiCd batteries with a built-in charging circuit. To extend battery life, HP chose to run the 100/200/1000 machines at 8MHz which was fast enough for most users. Third party developers swapped the timing crystal for a different one that would let the Palmtop effectively double its speed at the expense of a 10-15% loss in battery life. Lately, hardware developers figured out how to shoe-horn additional memory into the Palmtop: up to 96Mbytes! The additional memory is useful either as a large RAM disk or as EMS memory or both.

Over 300 programs have been created specifically for the HP Palmtops. More than 1000 additional DOS programs will work on the Palmtops.

Thaddeus Computing, Inc. has supported users of the HP Palmtops for the past 8 years with its  publications and the sale of software and hardware upgrades and repairs for the machines.

The HP Palmtop line of computers was discontinued as of Nov., 1999. HP will continue to support the machines with service for at least three years.