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1-2-3 Bug, Block Cursor

1-2-3 Bug, Block Cursor

I discovered a serious bug in the HP 95LX version of 1-2-3 along with several workarounds. The 1-2-3 Print-to-a-File does not work properly on the HP Palmtop!

Bring up a Lotus file and try the following command: MENU print file temp1 RETURN range a1..c10. Press FILER and then look up TEMP1.PRN. You will find the file listed, but with 0 bytes!

 The reason why you may not have noticed this is that upon exiting Lotus (MENU quit yes), the proper data does get sent to the TEMP1.PRN file. However, one of the nice things about the HP 95LX is the ability to go from one application to another without exiting. Many users will want to work on the PRN file in MEMO without exiting.

 I discovered a solution: print to another file. For example, perform a similar operation, but this time, print to TEMP2. A check to FILER reveals that TEMP1.PRN is now as it should be and TEMP2.PRN has 0 bytes. (When you exit Lotus, you will probably want to delete TEMP2.PRN. You should not delete it until you exit Lotus, or you will be in danger of seriously corrupting your RAM disk). I've also discovered that the HP 95LX doesn't always go into sleep mode after five minutes. I don't know why, but I suspect it has something to do with having TigerFox loaded or too many applications running at once. The way to reactivate power save seems to be, close all applications and reboot (CTRL-ALT-DEL).

 There is also a neat set of utilities available from EduCalc (800-677-7011) by Richard E. Harvey for $27.95. I especially like WINK.SYS, a utility that changes the 95LX cursor from a line to a box for only 512 bytes of memory.

 Gerald Fuller

 Pleasanton, TX

iPhone Life magazine

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