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The HP Palmtop Paper makes the HP 95LX more valuable and enjoyable by collecting, organizing, and disseminating the experiences of 95LX users worldwide. The breadth and depth of this first 1992 issue comes from the contributions readers have made. Just take a look at the many useful ideas you find in "Letters" and "Quick Tips." Novices can go to the "Getting Started" column, and the new "How Do You Do That?" column in which Bil. Alvernaz gets you started using a modem and the built-in COMM program.

Experienced data communications users can read Mark Scardina's "DOS Connection" for an alternative to COMM. The same column tells you how to run DOS applications from System Manager without exiting!

Want a strong MEMO alternative? See Ed Keefe's "Through the Looking Glass" column. Want to keep your 1-2-3 spreadsheets to manageable size? Check out Tom Page's "Savvy User." Programmers and would-be programmers, should see Ed Keefe's review of UTIL FORTH.

Of course you can always expect a listing of new 95LX-related products in "Third Party Products" (end of the issue). We also take a more in-depth look at Extended System's JetEye, the first commercial product to take advantage of the 95LX's Infrared port. JetEye lets your 95LX print to a LaserJet -- without a cable.

A RAM Card increases the 95LX's usefulness. See the articles on selecting RAM Cards and Card drives. RAM Card users take special notice of the discussion on safeguarding files on your RAM Card.

We continue last issue's discussion on sources of HP 95LX support. First we review three new books on the 95LX. Then we continue with most frequently asked questions to HP Technical Support. Ted Dickens, the system operator for CompuServe's HPSYS forum, talks about the most popular programs available for the downloading. We also hear about HP 95LX support on Internet and UseNet.

In this issue I also discuss my experiences at a European HP 95LX developers' conference in Switzerland. Among other things, I discovered AA lithium batteries that last four times as long as alkaline batteries. Soon many Europeans and other nationalities will be able to order The HP Palmtop Paper products locally in their own currency with possible local language support.

Last but not least, we review games for the HP 95LX. Among its many virtues, the 95LX is a great game machine. Whether you want to play chess, blackjack, Tetris, or even space invaders, the HP 95LX is ready when you are.

Special thanks go to the advertisers in The HP Palmtop Paper. These companies were willing to gamble their resources to develop products for the HP 95LX. And the ad revenue we receive from these companies helps us to produce a quality newsletter. If you find the 95LX useful now, imagine how the products advertised and described in this issue will increase the value of your investment.

Finally, those of you interested in the freeware or shareware described each issue should see the back page discussion of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK.

Hal Goldstein, Publisher

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