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I am very pleased with The HP Palmtop Paper. It is certainly written very well and is just what I need for help with my HP 95LX.

A question I have is, how can you combine two different files. I belong to, and am a control operator with The Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association. We have over 650 members and I completed a telephone directory with the first 500 of the names, telephone numbers, and addresses in one file, and I have the last part in another file. This makes it very difficult to find a member's address information quickly when I'm talking with him on radio. I plan to cut the files to size through abbreviations, etc. The big question I have is how do I get both files back as one?

Also, I like programming in BASIC, and cannot do this yet with the 95LX. I have several small programs I would like to use on the 95LX. Is there a version of BASIC suitable for the 95LX? I wrote these program on a Radio Shack PC-6 (a small computer with BASIC built into it) and have the programs backed up on a cassette tape. At present I use a 512K RAM card to back up my 95LX.

Robert Hess

Tamarac, FL, U.S.A.

[Anyone with ideas on HP 95LX BASIC? One strategy for a large phone book is to split the PHONE file in two: A-M and N-Z. Then create a macro to go quickly between them like the macros suggested under PHONE in this issue's Quick Tips. -- Hal.]

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