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Having just outgrown my Radio Shack 16K pocket computer, I was evaluating the Atari, the Boss, and the Sharp Wizard. I had decided on the Wizard, due in part to the availability of support and a large number of software programs. On my way to purchase the Wizard, I read an article about the HP 95LX. After some more research, I purchased the 95LX about three months ago from a mail order firm.

From what I have seen, it appears as if software applications for the 95LX are going to be expensive. Imagine paying $195 for a dictionary/thesaurus program and $300 or more for the RAM cards.

It appears to be able to utilize programs from desktop computers, but RAM cards are necessary. I had thought about purchasing software just to obtain the RAM storage cards. Why is there such a disparity in the price of Sharp Wizard software and programs for the HP 95LX?

Perhaps as I become more aware and involved in the 95LX world, I shall discover economical support, and as the 95LX becomes more widespread, the commercial support will become more economical and plentiful.

I just joined Prodigy to browse in the forum and I am looking forward to the next issue of The HP Palmtop Paper. I love the 95LX and am looking forward to developing and expanding my knowledge and base of operations.

Harry Brown, Jr.

Bernhards Bay, NY, U.S.A.

[RAM card prices should come down over time. There is a lot of free software and reasonably priced shareware software available for the HP 95LX as chronicled in these pages. Checkout CompuServe's 95LX section of the HPSYS forum and on our HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK. It takes quite a bit of capital for a commercial software company to develop a product for an unknown market, hence the cost of the HP 95LX software so far -- Hal.]

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