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I have several comments about the Fall 1991 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper:

  1. 1. With reference to the "Press space for colon" (Quick Tips, page 22), the User's Guide (page 17-5) documents the following characters that can be used to separate the components of dates and times: hyphen, slash, space, colon, period, and comma. I prefer the period, since it is located below the numeric keypad where my finger is located when entering digits for date and time.
  2. 2. Why are there two forms of TigerFox (TFOX.EXM 3.52, 8,315 bytes, located in the hidden C:\_SYS directory and TF.COM, 8,170 bytes, located in C, the root directory? Is .EXM called by .COM? Trying to execute TFOX.EXM by copying it with a .COM extension and running it from FILER locks up the 95LX, requiring a hard reset.
  3. 3. On the subject of file extensions, many in the main directory and subdirectories are undocumented. How about listing all the file types by extension, and their purpose in a future issue?
Warren Anderson, M.D.

Kaneohe, HI, U.S.A.

[TF.COM and TF.EXM are independent files that invoke the same game of TigerFox. There was room on the English language HP 95LX's for extra files in the hidden C:\_SYS directory including TF.EXM. (Non-English contain support for both English and the other language.) See DOS Connection and Games articles for more on using .EXM files. We will document extensions in a future issue. - Hal]

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