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Although a user of an Apple IIc clone, my attention was drawn to the HP 95LX and I purchased one about three months ago. I realize that the 95LX is IBM compatible (aren't they all?) and since my desktop is an Apple I didn't request your Subscribers Disk.

So far I have successfully converted and installed about a dozen AppleWorks spreadsheets as Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets. Some of the spreadsheets had fairly complicated formulas and I was impressed with the ease of transfer.

In using HP CALC, I found that I accumulate a large number of Solve catalogues, all filed under names that I hadn't knowingly given them. I think I have the new equations under control now, but I can't delete the ones I had accumulated originally. FILER does not list them in the C Drive. Is there a way to delete these unwanted Solve catalogs?

Harold Hoots

Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A.

[We are sending out the Subscribers Disk on PC-formatted disks (and perhaps Mac-formatted disks). If we have more than 10 requests on a specific format, we'll make the Subscribers Disk available on that format.

Your SOLVE catalogs can be found in your _DAT subdirectory, the files with the .EQN extensions. From FILER go into _DAT by moving to the line containing _DAT and pressing return. Then press <MENU>, File-Sort, Extension, and scroll down to the .EQN files. Place the cursor on a .EQN file and press return to view the file content. Delete unwanted files with the FILER Delete function key -- Rich.]

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