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REVIEWS: Infrared Interface


Connect this little box and adapter to your LaserJet Printer's parallel port and you can send your printing jobs directly from your 95LX to your printer via the 95LX's hidden infrared port.

By Richard Hall

This is one of those simple products that really extends the usefulness of the HP 95LX. "JetEye" is an infrared receiver that connects directly to the parallel port of an HP LaserJet Printer. It lets you send printing jobs to the LaserJet via the 95LX's infrared port. (The Infrared port is located on the right side of the 95LX inside the same compartment as the backup battery.)

JetEye works with HP LaserJet printers, series II, IID, IIP, III, IIID, IIIP, and the IIISi. Once connected, you simply point your 95LX's infrared port at the JetEye receiver (within 8") and send your print job to the LaserJet. This eliminates the bother of connecting cables, or transferring files to your desktop and printing from it.

Installation Graphic

 JetEye consists of an infrared receiver connected by a 5-foot cable to the JetEye Module (a parallel port adapter with male and female parallel interfaces). Connect one end of the Module to the parallel port in the back of your LaserJet. Connect your desktop computer to the other parallel port on the JetEye Module and it can print to your LaserJet without interference by JetEye.


To print to your LaserJet, position the JetEye receiver directly in line with the HP 95LX's infrared transmitter (located on the 95LX's right side, inside the plastic case and not visible from the outside).

Printing to LJ Graphic

 You must enter the 95LX SETUP to configure your palmtop for infrared I/O in the Setup menu. Press <Shift>-<FILER>, Printer Config Interface 3 (Infrared), quit SETUP. Print as usual from within your application. (Before you attempt to print from Lotus 1-2-3, you must select "Infrared" in the Worksheet Menu. From any worksheet press <MENU> Worksheet Global Default Printer Interface. Then press 4 to select the "Serial 2 - Infrared" port option.)

JetEye comes with JETEYE.SYS, a little 6K printer driver you can install on your 95LX. This printer driver provides handshaking ability between the printer and 95LX so you don't lose pages if your LaserJet pauses in the middle of printing. I successfully printed a three-page MEMO document and a two-page spreadsheet without installing that printer driver.


JetEye technical support has successfully tested it with the Texas Instrument MicroLaser and the DEC 3000 laser printers. The Cannon LBP-8 R, LBP-8 T, and the DEC Laser 2200 work somewhat with JetEye (JetEye prints to these last three printers, but the JetEye printer driver that allows handshaking between the printer and 95LX does not). JetEye does not work with, and may be damaged by the IBM 4029 & 4029, the QMS 410 and Apple Laser Writer. A 95LX user mentioned on CompuServe that he had successfully tested JetEye with the HP DeskJet Plus.

JetEye requires a certain amount of current (supplied by the host printer) in order to operate. Although the data lines etc. are standard with most printers, the capability of the printer to supply the required amount of power is not. In a few cases, an incompatible parallel port can result in either the JetEye being fried, or the power supply of the printer burning out from the overload. JetEye was designed specifically for the HP LaserJet printers (which seem to be uniform in design).


It works! I printed documents from all the built-in applications that print -- without a hitch. JetEye is a simple piece of hardware that does a necessary job, for not much money. We'll keep our demo unit.

Availability . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NOW

Pricing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$129.00

COMPANY: Extended Systems Inc., 6123 N. Meeker Ave., Boise, ID 83704; 800-235-7576, Fax: 406-587-9170. 208-322-7575; Fax: 208-377-1906.

EUROPEAN CONTACT: Jerry Loyd, European Sales Manager, Extended Systems Inc., Reinhardstrasse 23, D-7034, Grtringen, GERMANY; +49 7034/27326; Fax: +49 7034 /27364. Jerry has the names of all the local European distributors.

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