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What programs will run on the HP 95LX?

What programs will run on the HP 95LX?

Some programs that run on the IBM PC XT or clone can be run on the HP 95LX. The program must be able to work with an MDA display (no graphics). The program must also be able to execute within the available system RAM. A program which uses the serial port may not work, depending on the specifics of how it accesses the serial port. You may need a RAM card for additional file storage with larger programs.

If the program meets these criteria, it is worth a try to see what happens. Back up important files before you experiment with this.

Note that all programs which run on the HP 95LX may not be easy to use. The small screen (16 lines by 40 columns) may require too much extra scrolling for the program to be useful. (The display is moved around the 25-line by 80- column screen by pressing <ALT> and any one of the Arrow Keys at the same time).

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