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Many 95LX users are in the academic arena and, as such, usually have access to Internet or Bitnet, the academic computing network. Apart from e-mail most sites that are connected to Internet also offer UseNet which is a form of bulletin board consisting of close to 1000 different news groups and discussion forums. Palmtop-related news groups include comp.sys.handhelds (which mostly attracts HP 48 calculator users) and comp.sys.palmtops (frequented by HP 95LX users). No doubt much of the discussion that takes place on CompuServe is similar to that on the UseNet news groups; certainly many of the "frequently asked questions" have appeared in comp.sys.palmtops and several HP employees are able to answer questions that are posed.

Thierry Priol at Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, Rennes Cedex, France (priol@irisa.fr) has undertaken to make HP 95LX programs and utilities available by anonymous FTP (file transfer protocol). The 95LX material is located in directory HP 95LX on his machine. The Internet address for iris.fr is FTP is a means by which one may log into a remote computer and retrieve files that are made available by that system's administrator.

HP 95LX owners in the academic community who do not already have access to Internet might wish to contact their local campus system administrator with a view to opening an account on the institution's computer. The cost will depend upon local circumstances and some readers may be surprised to discover that they can connect to Internet with little or no cost.

T.D. Cradduck

Univ. Western Ontario

London, Ontario, Canada

Internet ID:


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The Palmtop Network with its S.U.P.E.R. (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository) software is now available under the domain name of hp200lx.net.  

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