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If you lockup in the middle of an application, here are some steps you can try to eliminate the problem. [Try these steps in order, one at a time. When you find one that works, go no further. You lose all the data on the C drive with steps 6 and 7.]

  1. 1. <Esc> restores menu of some programs;
  2. 2. <Ctrl>-C -- halts execution of some programs;
  3. 3. <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Del> -- warm reboot;
  4. 4. <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<On> -- hard reboot, answer No when asked if you want to initialize RAM disk;
  5. 5. Turn the 95LX off and remove the AA batteries, not the 3 volt lithium backup battery. This will cause the system to reset, but you will not lose files on the C drive;.
  6. 6. <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<On> -- serious hard reboot, answer Yes when asked if you'll initialize RAM disk. [WARNING: this erases the contents of your C drive];
  7. 7. Turn the 95LX off and remove both AA batteries and the 3 volt lithium backup battery. [WARNING: this will erase the contents of your C drive.]
Ted Dickens (Sysop for the 95LX forum on CompuServe) warns that removing batteries from a machine that is turned on may blow the 95LX's RAM disk.

Hal Goldstein

Editor, The HP Palmtop Paper

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