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Set Up


  • When entering any DOS commands in batch files, including AUTOEXEC.BAT always use upper case for the drive and path. (This is a peculiarity of HP 95LX.)

  • When creating a CONFIG.SYS file with the command: SHELL=COMMAND /P make sure there is a space between "command" and "/p" (otherwise, your 95LX will lock up).
  • If you use a RAM card, store your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files on it. That way if you have a problem, you can reboot without the card.
  • If you use an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, to invoke SYSMGR, make the last three lines read as follows:
PATH={your path in upper case}



This allows you to exit to DOS with <Ctrl>-<C> at the prompt if you have a problem. The PATH command should always be the last environment statement to allow your hotkeys to work properly.

  • For maximum security your data files should reside on A. By using the proper extension, APPT - .ABK, PHONE - .PBK, and MEMO - .TXT and keeping these files in one subdirectory (say A:\DAT), you can use the following CHAR User key to get a listing of files for each application:

  • If you run APNAME.LST programs from A: drive, keep a separate file A:\APNAME.LST. Do not include A: programs in C:\_DAT\APNAME.LST.
  • If you run a number of DOS programs, you should change your 95LX's CONFIG.SYS file to: SHELL=COMMAND /E:512 /P leaving a space before each "/".
  • Before attempting modifying CONFIG.SYS or APNAME.LST and AUTOEXEC.BAT always backup your files.
  • Do not use a compression utility on an .EXM file unless that utility runs as a TSR. STACKER and DIET (when resident) are OK, PKLITE is not.
  • Keep FILER and COMM closed when they are not in use as it saves 30% of your battery life.
  • If your 95LX stops working and <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Del> does not work, try <Shift>-<Ctrl><On> and answer "N" to the initialize question.
  • You can save your USER Keys and Owner information by making a backup of SETUP.ENV. If you ever need to re initialize the 95LX you can restore your settings as follows: (A) with an attribute program such as DOS ATTRIB.EXE or CHANGE.COM , change the read-only status of the new SETUP.ENV; (B) delete it and copy your backup to C:\_DAT. Reboot to restore your settings.
Mark Scardina

CompuServe ID: [71551,467]

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