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Balance of Palmtop Paper, Back Issues, and Other Questions

Balance of Palmtop Paper, Back Issues, and Other Questions

I'm very impressed with The HP Palmtop Paper. The current balance is excellent. It's aimed at beginner through to the more advanced users.

There'll always be new users from non-computing backgrounds. You should continue to serve their needs with the Getting Started column and Basic Tips.

This brings me to two small complaints I have. First, I recently purchased the back issues for reference, and to try some of the software on the 1992 Subscribers Disk. I was disappointed that I could not load the Subscribers Disk because there was insufficient memory in my 512K Palmtop.

Second, I often find articles that refer the reader back to earlier articles; sometimes over a year earlier. This makes the current article harder to understand, since many subscribers don't have these issues. When I finally ordered back issues, I discovered that they did not go back to issue number one.

Neil Muller

Melbourne, Australia

[The articles are written to stand on their own, without needing the back issues. The page references are offered as supplementary information for those who have the issues.

If you are having problems with the automatic installation program, you can use HP Connectivity Pack to do a manual installation.

See page 16 of the Subscribers Disk manual for instructions.

In any case you should be able to install the 92 Subscriber's Disk on a 512K 95LX unless your data files and other programs take up all the available disk space.

If you are running out of space on the C: drive you may want to look into getting a RAM card. Fortunately the prices have been coming down, making them a more affordable alternative.

Back issue order includes all issues. Our subscription department will send missing issues -- Rich.]

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