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Ten Reasons Why You Have to Get the HP 100LX

Ten Reasons Why You Have to Get the HP 100LX

Here's a list of ten reasons you can use to justify purchasing yet another, newer, better Palmtop, to your wife.

1) Tell her that with the new serial port you can send Faxes from home, so you won't have to spend so much time at the office.

2) With the new CGA compatibility you can run more games, so you won't be down at the video arcade pumping quarters into the machine.

3) The new organizer software will improve your performance at work so much that your new raise will pay for the HP 100LX for you, and dresses for her.

4) Tell her that you'll give her your old 95LX. Your spouse will soon appreciate its features. This new common interest will improve your relationship. (It's getting pretty deep, I should have warned you to wear boots.)

5) Explain that you've already depreciated the HP95 and you need a new asset to write off.

6) Ask your spouse if you can get a new 486DX-66 with super-VGA, 64 Meg of RAM and a 300 megabyte hard drive. Let her negotiate you down to a new palmtop.

7) Tell your spouse that all your friends are getting new computers, and you feel left out.

8) Tell her that you're doing it as a favor to me so you can test out all my new software.

9) Tell her that you feel insecure without the latest and greatest, so that by purchasing this you're actually saving on bills for therapy.

10) Get your boss to give one as a bonus and then you won't have to clear it with Big Boss.

Dave Goodman

CompuServe ID: [72330,130]

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