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New HP Desktop Vectras Come with an Infrared Port and a PCMCIA Card Sl

New HP Desktop Vectras Come with an Infrared Port and a PCMCIA Card Slot -- Communicates with the HP 95LX, HP 100LX, and the HP OmniBook 300 superportable

Many HP 95LX and HP 100LX users have spent time and money configuring their desktop PC for file transfer with the Palmtop PC. The HP Connectivity Kit is one solution. Adding a PCMCIA card drive to the desktop is another one. However, if you're in the market for a new 486 desktop PC, Hewlett-Packard may have the easiest solution of all.

HP's new Vectra 486M/MI and 486/XM desktop PCs are designed with the HP 95LX, 100LX, and OmniBook 300 in mind. They come with an optional front-accessible PCMCIA expansion slot that can accept two PCMCIA Type II cards (like the HP 5MB and 10MB Flash ROM cards) or one PCMCIA Type III card (like the HP OmniBook's removable hard drive).

In addition, the new HP Vectra 486/XM is the first desktop PC to have an IR port compatible with the Palmtop's and OmniBook's IR port. This allows you to place your Palmtop or OmniBook close to the Vectra and transfer files back and forth without the bother of cabling or the expense of memory cards.

The new HP Vectras come with the 95LX version of the HP Connectivity Pack software pre-installed. This lets you use the Palmtop's built-in applications on the Vectra and gives you a third file transfer option using FILER and the Palmtop's serial cable.

The May 31 issue of PC Week magazine gave the new HP Vectra high marks in features, user ergonomics, and serviceability. They described it as a "Compact, quiet, cool and remarkably easy to maintain... an attractive machine..."

HP's press release said that independent performance tests (BAPCO test suite) place the new HP Vectra 486/XM (66MHz) among the fastest 486-based PCs available today. HP said the Vectra outscored other popular 486 66MHz machines in basic performance benchmarks and real-world tests in Windows applications.

The HP Vectra 486M/MI comes in 25MHz and 33MHz versions. The Vectra 486XM comes in 33MHz, 50MHz, and 66MHz versions. The systems come with two front-accessible and two internal mass-storage slots for floppy drives, hard drives, or CD ROM drives. They come standard with 3.5" and 5.25" drives. Hard disk options include up to a 450MB IDE drive or a 1GB (1,000MB) SCSI drive. The 486M/MI comes with 4MB of RAM memory, expandable to 48MB. The 486XM comes with 4MB, expandable to 64MB.

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