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Connecting Palmtop to Printer Only Took Seven Months!

Connecting Palmtop to Printer Only Took Seven Months!

I am a newcomer to the world of megabytes and am a little in awe of those more knowledgeable than myself -- practically everyone I know over five years old. I purchased the 95LX as a work tool and found that it was all I could ask for, and more.

My business takes me around the world to places where printers are not always available. I read the printer article (pages 5-10, Sep/Oct 92) and decided to pick up a Citizen PN48 Notebook printer. Unfortunately, I didn't make a copy of the section you had on connecting to the 95LX. That was where my troubles began!

Shortly after I purchased the PN48, I traveled to Jersey in the Channel Islands. I consulted the "experts" at a business computer establishment to purchase a serial-to-parallel adapter so that I could connect my Palmtop to the printer.

The experts seemed very helpful. They told me that the adapter was not in stock and would have to be ordered from the mainland (U.K.). There would be no problem forwarding the adapter to me in York.

To make a long story short, it took me seven months, three sets of experts, a number of incorrect adapters, and a total of about 150 hours at various pubs drowning my sorrows, before I finally could print to my PN48 from my Palmtop. To quote Queen Victoria, "I most certainly am not amused!"

Are "experts" like these common in the computer industry? Maybe I should write Guinness (records, not beer) -- seven months must be a world record!

I have one other question. When I print out a spreadsheet, Lotus seems to leave an extra seven inches of blank space on each page it prints. Do you know what's happening?

Andy Howie

York, England (U.K.)

[The computer industry has evolved quickly. A user often requires products from many companies to fulfill his needs. Since things move so fast, and since there are so many combinations and permutations of product mix, experiences such as yours are as much the norm as the exception. That's just the way it is whether we like it or not.

As we become more sophisticated using computers, we see more possibilities, and want to try more things. No matter how "expert" we are, inevitably we experience some of the same walls and frustrations as we did as a novice. The purpose of The HP Palmtop Paper and such services as the CompuServe HPHand forum is for users to share collective knowledge so we can all move forward more rapidly.

In my opinion there are two related characteristics that make people successful in using computers: persistence and self-confidence. No matter whether we are stuck using some software or trying to build a hardware system, we must be confident enough in our own abilities and intelligence to continue trying different combinations until a resolution is reached. Unfortunately, sometimes this takes more time than it should.

Regarding your Lotus question, try the following commands from within 1-2-3 to eliminate the blank space: Press (MENU) Print Printer Options Other Unformatted -- Hal.]

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