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At higher baud rates, an increasing number of transmission errors start happening, and when the REDIRECTOR gets transmission errors, it "times out" before retrying. The more errors, the more "time out" periods, the slower things go.

FS.COM is a TSR that comes with the CPACK 100, but it is not documented. It was a late addition which IMPROVES (not fixes) the speed issue with REDIRECTOR at higher baud rates. It also fixes a bug in the 100LX ROM version of the REDIRECTOR that destroy database files when running as the client. The bug was actually fixed in the CPACK 100 version of the REDIRECTOR.

You have to copy FS.COM over to your 100LX and create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file that runs FS before 100 (SysMgr). After you have created the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, closed all 100LX applications and then reboot the system (press (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL)).

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