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MS Works contains a communications application as well as spreadsheet, database, and word processor. Assuming you have MS Works, all you need to communicate to a Palmtop is an HP serial cable and an adapter. I connect my 95LX to my Mac with an HP 82222A serial cable (PC Connectivity Cable) and an a 9-pin-male to Mac-Din-8 adapter.

Set up a Communications document in MS Works with the following settings: Port = Phone, Baud = 19200, Stopbits = 1, Parity = none, and databits =8. Set up a similar Datacomms file on the 95LX. Save both for future use.

When transferring data specify Xmodem Send on the 95LX and Xmodem Receive on the Mac.

Once you've transferred 95LX files to your Mac, you can use the MS Works word processor to edit your text files and its spreadsheet program to edit the Lotus spreadsheets.

Igor Pool

Wellington, New Zealand

[MS Works also comes in PC versions and it may also be possible to communicate with your desktop PC using this tip.

Although this tip was not tested on the 100LX, it's probably valid there also. Igor used the old 95LX PC Connectivity Cable. The new cable (part number HP F1015A, price $24.95) works on both the 95LX and 100LX. You could use the HP Mac Connectivity Cable (HP F1021A, price $24.95) instead of the PC cable and avoid the additional adapter -- Rich.]

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