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Upgrades, Updates, Corrections

Upgrades, Updates, Corrections

New Version of ABKTool 95LX 100LX

ABKTool, Version 3.1 is the latest revision of the stand-alone viewer and editor of .ABK appointment book files created by the 95LX APPT program, designed to make calendar/ToDo list use and maintenance more flexible and convenient. It runs on the 95LX and PC compatibles, allowing you to use your .ABK files on many different systems. Functional SYSMGR compliance is achieved by loading it as a TSR and using a supplied .EXM calling program.

New features since version 2.0 include monthly appointment (textual or graphical) views, the ability to store search parameters and insert keywords into entries by selecting from a list of previous searches; file merger; text export; DD/MM/YY date; and 24 hour time format support; current date and time shown on main screens.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Shareware

Runs under SysMgr . . . . TSR (Terminate stay resident program)

Shareware fee . . . . $30 (Upgrade free to existing users.)

CONTACT: Download ABKTL.EXE from library 7 of the HPHAND forum on CompuServe. Also available on disk from the author for the registration fee plus $5 ($8 for overseas addresses) shipping and handling. Specify 5.25" or 3.5" DOS formatted disks (sorry, Mac format not available).

Paul Kramer, One Linden Place, Woodland, CA 95695, USA; CompuServe ID: [72276,3602].

acCIS/SM 2.0 95LX 100LX

acCIS/SM is a powerful CompuServe access manager, specially designed for use on the HP Palmtop PC. This new version has many new functions and improvements, including:

  • Greatly enhanced speed for scanning message files and formatting messages.
  • New macro manager to easily select and run external macros.
  • New external macros to retrieve ENS messages etc.
  • Support for Gateways (like ZNT: for Ziffnet).
  • Several search functions to message reader.
  • Save a message to a named file.
  • New top menu function to View *.ann, *.cat, and *.snx files.
  • Keycode for Sysmgr compliant editors to setup (EDIT line) to support ALL kinds of editors, not only Memo and FREYJA.
  • Pasting UID from clipboard when UID list is displayed.
  • Macro options which allow control of each online run.
  • Automatically download messages by keyword.
  • Automatically delete a message from the message board, or to delete or age messages or threads via the TapOrder program.
  • Library scans by filename
  • Translation of special characters like ^, |, ~, % and umlaut characters when composing.
  • Plus lots of minor changes, enhancements and bug fixes.
Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Shareware

Runs under SysMgr . . . . Yes

Shareware fee . . . . $35

Upgrade registered users . . . . Free

CONTACT: AcCIS/SM 2.0 can be downloaded from CompuServe HPHAND forum, library 5 as ACCIS9.ZIP. Registered users of acCIS/SM 1.0 or 1.1 may upgrade to version 2.0 at no cost.

LapMap for the 100LX 95LX 100LX

LapMap is a moving map display for pilots we first mentioned in Sep/Oct 1992. This new 100LX version, like the 95LX version, connects your HP Palmtop to your on-board Loran or GPS receiver and shows where you are, where you will be, and your projected ground track relative to airports, navaids, and special use airspace.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . PCMCIA Card

Runs under 95LX SysMgr . . . . No


100LX version . . . . $790

95LX version . . . . $790

CONTACT: Peacock Systems, 200 Hanscom Dri, Suite 305, Beadford, MA 01730, USA; Phone: 800-533-1012 or 617-274-8218; Fax: 617-274-8130.

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