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Fax/Modem for both 95LX and 100LX

Fax/Modem for both 95LX and 100LX

New Media is the only manufacturer that offers Fax/Modem cards that work with both HP Palmtops. These 2400 baud modem cards fit in the Palmtop's memory card slot. Resident in the PalmModem is PalmTerm, a terminal emulation program optimized for Palmtop computer use. A variety of upload and download protocols are provided with the terminal emulation program.

PalmModem comes with resident facsimile processing and transmitting software. 128K of on-board RAM is available on PalmModem for conversion of text to fax transmittable data without using the Palmtop's resources.

Availability . . . . Now

Tested in 95LX by: . . . . Manufacturer

Fax tested in 95LX by: . . . . Manufacturer

Tested in 100LX by: . . . . Manufacturer

Fax tested in 100LX by: . . . . Manufacturer

Medium . . . . PCMCIA Card

100LX PalmModem . . . . $239

95LX PalmModem . . . . $259

Upgrade from 95LX version . . . . $59

CONTACT: New Media Corporation, Irvine Spectrum, 15375 Barranca Pkwy, Building B-101, Irvine, CA 92718, USA; Phone: 800-453-0550 or 714-453-0100; Fax: 714-453-0114.

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