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Runs Word for DOS 6.0 with Mouse; Stacker Not Doubling His Flash Card

Runs Word for DOS 6.0 with Mouse; Stacker Not Doubling His Flash Card

I received a 512K HP 95LX as a 1992 Christmas gift. This was my first introduction to palmtop computing. Subsequently, a 10MB SunDisk flash memory card with Stacker was quickly added (giving me 20MB) and I upgraded to the 100LX when it became available.

Several months ago, I installed Word for DOS V6.0 on my 100LX and have found it works perfectly, providing advanced word processing with spell check, thesaurus, and grammar checking capability. Compared to my PC, it's a bit slow, but the function works great while flying or working in hotel rooms. it really works well with the mouse, which I've attached through the 100LX's serial port.

I use Microsoft's mouse driver, which, of course, works with their mouse. It also runs Mini-Thumball, which I attach to the end of the 100LX's display with Velcro while flying. To have maximum available memory when running Word, I terminate all PIM applications and load the mouse driver and Word through a batch file directly from DOS. I use a variation of your recommended CONFIG.SYS file to accommodate Stacker, and added STACKS= 9,256 to provide full movement for the mouse (see page 45, Nov/Dec 93 issue). Without this entry, the mouse pointer moves vertically but not horizontally.

Word and Grammatik appear to consume more space on my 20MB flash memory card than the individual file lengths would indicate. The filer shows the two directories consume approximately 6MB, yet available flash memory dropped by twice this amount when the two programs were installed. I have not yet found a reason for this discrepancy, but even with Word and all my other files, almost 7MB remains available on my SunDisk.

Your paper has proven to be a valuable source of usage experiences and timely technical information. The detail level fits my needs exactly. Keep up the good work!

William L. Gee Boca Raton FL, USA

[The effectiveness of Stacker in compressing files depends on the type of files being compressed. Some files (small batch and text files, and Lotus spreadsheet files) are compressed to less than half their original size, others files (large program files with .EXE, .COM, or .EXM extensions and previously compressed files such as a grammar checker) don't compress quite so well. Stacker is said to "double" the capacity of your card based on estimates of types and quantities of files users store on their disk. The more large program files you store on your Stacked disk, the less likely it is that Stacker will double your disk -Rich.]

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