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Use DosKey to Re-enter DOS Commands

Use DosKey to Re-enter DOS Commands

In Basic Tips (Sept/Oct, page 52) Richard Hall suggests using the F3 Key to re-enter commands in DOS. There is an even better way for 100LX users with DOS 5.0 built in. Copy the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files from D:\DOS to C:\. Load AUTOEXEC.BAT into MEMO and modify it as follows. Immediately before 100 (which starts System Manager) add the following line:

d:\dos\doskey /insert

If you have an AUTOEXEC .BAT file with the keybez and key100 lines in it, put the above command after these lines, but before 100.

Then reboot the 100LX, pressing (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL). This setup activates the built-in DOSKEY utility and allows you to recall multiple previous command lines (up to 1K worth) line by line, from the DOS prompt by pressing (<UpArrow>). It also allows you to edit command lines the same way as editing text in an editor (i.e. using arrows left/right, Delete and Insert keys).

Neil Franklin Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

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