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Great Shareware

Great Shareware

I've run across a couple of shareware programs that may interest those who spend a lot of time in DOS (TSRs don't pop-up in Sysmgr):

  • SCRcalc -SCRCAL.ZIP (ON DISK ICON) is a TSR 4 function calculator (10K). Can also read numbers or total columns from the running program and insert results back into the running program. (Disable before starting Sysmgr, or the Sysmgr screen graphics will be scrambled.)
  • Qdisk -QDSK5.ZIP (ON DISK ICON) is a TSR file manager (11K). Can copy, delete, move, or view tagged files.
  • NoteWare -NOTEWR. ZIP (ON DISK ICON) is a TSR editor/viewer (16K). It can create new notes, copy from screen, paste to screen, view files on disk, search for text, export notes as ASCII files. (Don't pop up more than once in any Lotus Agenda session, or it will lock your system; seems to work fine with all other text based programs).
  • MindReader -(MR250 .EXE(ON DISK ICON)) I'm not sure if I like this text editor, but it has several features that I know several CompuServe HPHAND forum members have expressed an intense interest in: on-line spell checker, automatic text completion, readily accessible (and selectable) "macros" (up to 260 with boilerplate text that you can insert) in addition to regular macro capability.
David Hamachek CompuServe ID: [73700,2250]

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