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Press (Fn) (<Spacebar>) on your HP 100LX and its ZOOM feature lets you toggle between different size fonts (40, 64, 80 characters per line).

MEMO lets you ZOOM to all three modes, 40, 64, and 80 characters per line. The ruler above and the menu bar below the text area do not ZOOM.

Unfortunately, this wonderful ability is not a universal feature. Lotus 1-2-3 only ZOOMs between 64 and 80 characters per line. The same is true with the DataComm program.

The applications that are based on the built-in Database program (i.e. APPT, PHONE, WORLD TIME) have ZOOM available in the Notes field only of the Appointment/Event view. You can display the contents of the Notes field in 40, 64, and 80 characters per line, while viewing the rest of the Appointment/Event view in the standard 64 characters per line format.

Notes Field Can Zoom to 40 Characters per Line: Graphic

 Put the cursor in the Note field and ZOOM to 40 character per line mode to make the text easier to see. ZOOM to 80 character per line and text is smaller, but you see more of the information stored in the Notes field.

The ZOOM feature works with most text-oriented DOS programs. However, if the program exclusively uses a graphics screen, you won't be able to ZOOM. Graphics-oriented games like INVADERS (see AG.ZIP, J/F 92 ON DISK) are the most obvious example of this. All you can do is load your DOS application and see if it ZOOMs.

Robert Roney Editor, The HP Palmtop Paper

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