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One user found that it took about 25 seconds to save a 130K file to a SunDisk/HP 10MB stacked Flashdisk and 5 seconds to save the same file to a 2MB RAM card. He wondered if he should unstack his Flash card to speed up the file saving process.

Save speeds on a Flash card would be slower, not faster without Stacker. Stacker can speed up the access time for 5 volt flash RAM cards in the 100LX. On the 95LX there is no difference because the processor is slower and the compression doesn't keep up with the data transfer rate.

Stacker does two things: it compresses data and it writes the data to disk. The processor determines the speed of data compression. So if the processor is slow, the part of the program that writes the data to disk will have to wait for the compression part to finish. Therefore the overall speed of writing to disk will be about the same on the 95LX with or without Stacker. On the 100LX the processor is faster and will not delay the writing of data and there are fewer bytes to write because of the compression, so the overall speed increases.

There is virtually no difference on the 5 and 12 volt cards.

Mark Scardina CompuServe ID: [76711,732]

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