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Wireless palmtop computing and the Los Angeles earthquake and disaster planning; these two originally separate themes work together well in this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper. The ability of the HP 100LX to receive messages anywhere should prove a boon, professionally and personally. This ability could also be life saving in disaster situations. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we'll be able to send as well as receive messages using a PCMCIA card similar to that used by HP's new StarLink messaging service reviewed in this issue.

Several of the articles in this issue review programs that can expand your HP 100LX productivity. HP 95LX users will remember how we described in past issues the virtues of 95Buddy. Now HP 100LX users can rejoice: 100Buddy has arrived! The pleasure you get discovering 100Buddy's marvelous features is similar to the fun you had when you first discovered things about your new HP 95LX and HP 100LX. In this issue we also discuss Pushkeys, an undocumented, hidden program built into the HP 100LX. Pushkeys extends the HP 100LX System Macro capacity. I also talk about DOS program facilitator AppMAN in "User to User".

This issue features two interesting and idea-generating profiles, one from a University Professor, Mary Rivers and one from a true road warrior, David Shier. Also, as usual there are lots of new product announcements. In addition, we supplemented the five pages of Quick and Basic Tips with two pages of 100Buddy tips to go with the 100Buddy review. Finally, read Ed Keefe's Lotus article and HP Calc bug report, and you'll increase your 1-2-3 and HP Calc acumen.

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