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Thanks to Craig Finseth

Thanks to Craig Finseth

Many computer industry folks would like to monopolize, patent, and constrict programming ideas and techniques for their own profit.

In contrast to this are guys like Craig Finseth. By making the source code for his FREYJA [ON DISK] text editor available, and by sharing his programming ideas with everybody, he has done much to foster the progress and evolution of programs for the 95LX and 100LX. He, in essence, provided the documentation that HP didn't provide for the 95LX. He explained how to write .EXM programs. While he did not become wealthy writing his excellent text editor FREYJA, or sharing his knowledge, he is a very important figure in 95LX/ 100LX programming circles.

Palmtop users have Craig to thank for much of the third party .EXM software out there today. I am sure that other programmers figured some of it out independently. However, he made it easy to write functional EXM programs. He laid out a technique to do this, provided the necessary software tools, and distributed his knowledge freely. This allowed others that weren't on HP's Independent Software Vendor's list (who received full 95LX documentation) to have access to information/tools needed to make things work.

Robert Williams CompuServe ID: [76167,2773]

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