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Shareware is non-commercial software made available to users on a trial basis. If a user decides to continue using the software after a short period of time, they are required to pay a modest registration fee (usually around $10 to $50).

Products listed in this section are available through on-line information systems like CompuServe (CIS) and America On Line (AOL). Programs available on the HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK will be marked with the on disk icon ([ON DISK]) and further referenced in the ON DISK index on page 56 of this issue.


Upgrade of a popular freeware text editor. Combines the old FREYJA and MemUtil releases into a single release. FREYJA includes 100LX support, new "floating" menus on the 95LX, tiny font support on the 95LX, better international support, a handful of new commands and rewritten and expanded documentation. Version 2.3 is supposed to be quicker than previous versions.

Availability . . . . . Now

Pricing . . . . . Freeware

AVAILABILITY: CompuServe HPHAND; AOL; Palmtop Paper ON DISK; and Direct from: Craig Finseth, 1343 Lafond, St. Paul, MN 55104, USA. (If you order FREYJA direct, send either blank diskettes and SASE, or U.S. $3.00 per disk. Disk Requirements: three low density 5.25" disks or two low density 3.5" disks).


A detailed description of the Hewlett-Packard calculator products with part numbers less than or equal to 100. Each summary contains the product and code names, date of introduction, data types, register structure, dimensions, power, ports, key arrangements, commands, menus, and other information. While the amount of detail included in here is great, not all possible detail is included: this is *not* a reference manual for each calculator.

Availability . . . . . Now

Pricing . . . . . Freeware

AVAILABILITY: Same as immediately above.

SHASS 1.00 [ON DISK] 100LX

SHASS helps you organize and automate tasks related to (grocery) shopping. These tasks include maintaining an inventory of items and coupons, deciding what and how much you need to buy, making a shopping list, and keeping track of your shopping while in the grocery stores. SHASS learns your shopping habits and environment as it is used. The more you use SHASS, therefore, the more help it can provide you.

SHASS is tailored to the 100LX by utilizing its 64x18 screen and special keys. However, it can be run without any problems or limitations on any industry standard DOS computer.

Availability . . . . . Now

Shareware registration fee . . . . . $20

AVAILABLE: CompuServe - HPHAND; AOL - PDA-Palmtop Libraries; PTP ON DISK; and Direct from: Ramsheen Research, 10 Constitution Court, Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA.

Shareware Collections Share/freeware software packs for the HP Palmtops. 95LX 100LX


Contains 75 programs, most of which will work on both Palmtops. Supplied with an installation program.


Over two dozen games that have been tested and work on the 100LX.

Availability . . . . . Now

Medium . . . . . Floppy disk

Runs under SysMgr . . . . . No


Each disk . . . . . $24.95

Both disks . . . . . $39.95

CONTACT: DiscoDisks, S. 511 University Road, Spokane, WA 99206, USA; Phone: 800-726-5885.

Modify 100LX Display Fonts with FCL.ZIP [ON DISK] 100LX

Font Compiler Loader (FCL) permits easy modification of the 100LX built-in display fonts used under both System Manager (graphics mode) and DOS (text mode). While FCL creates executable font loaders from text descriptions that you provide, there is no programming involved. The FCL archive includes a sample loader (ready for installation) that will remove the slash from the zero and add a number of other readability enhancements as well.

Availability Now

Shareware registration fee: $30 (Cash or EuroCheque)

Runs under SysMgr Yes

AVAILABLE: CompuServe - HPHAND, PTP ON DISK, and directly from: Gilles Kohl, Hagsfelder Allee 16, D-76131 Karlsruhe, GERMANY. (Program provided on 1.44MB disk with registered versions of both FCL, Vertical Reader, and several MB of reading material for VR).

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