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File Keys open files quickly, with fewer keystrokes

File Keys open files quickly, with fewer keystrokes

An example will help clarify this feature.

Let's say we keep personal files in A:\PERSONAL; a directory on our memory card. We can set up a "File Key" to quickly access the directory when we want to load a file into an application.

To do this, we press (ALT)-(F10) File Keys to go to Buddy's File Keys setup screen. Tab down to F1 and key into the first box the abbreviation of the directory (e.g. "Pers" for Personal). Press (<Tab>) to go to the adjacent box and enter the path to that directory (e.g. a:\personal\*.* ). Press (F4) to Quit Buddy setup.

Now, when you want to open a file in an application, go to that application and press (MENU) File Open to access the Open File window. Note the word "Pers" in the bottom menu bar above F1. Press (F1) and Buddy automatically switches to A:\PERSONAL, and waits for you to enter the desired filename. You can also assign particular files to a function key. For example, you could assign a:\personal\diary.doc to the F2 key.

The File Keys setup screen lets you define three sets of eight File Keys (F1-F8). It also lets you assign any one of the three sets to a specific application (Memo, Phone, etc.). When you open the application, that File Key set will be displayed.

You can toggle to the other two File Key sets by pressing (+) or (-) while in the File Open window. You can also add the path currently being displayed in the File Open window to the current function key set. For example, press (<Shift>)-(F4), to add the path to (F4).

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