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How to Use Bookmark

How to Use Bookmark

Bookmark makes it easy to jump down a set number of lines in a text file. To set a bookmark in a document, press (<Shift>)-(MENU) and 1, 2, or 3 (to assign the document to one of the three bookmark sets). Then go to the place in the document you want to set the bookmark and press (<Shift>)-(MENU) and a number between 1 and 9 (you have a total of nine possible bookmarks in each document). Then, when you want to jump to a specific place in your document (e.g. bookmark number 5) press (MENU) 5. Buddy's default bookmarks are set 100 lines apart: Bookmark # 1 = 100 lines, #2 = 200 lines, etc.).

Note that the (<Shift>) key is sticky on the 100LX and you don't have to hold it down to make the above key combinations. In fact, if you do hold it down, pressing (<Shift>)-(MENU) may not work correctly.

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