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Lotus and System Macros for TRIP

Lotus and System Macros for TRIP

Lotus macro to create a vertical list view

Once you enter a number of Miles and Current Times intervals, the TIME spreadsheet begins to look cluttered. The following Lotus macro lets you view a single row of values in a vertical list format.

You could put the following macro in one cell, but it would be pretty hard to read and debug. Better to split the macro up into a series of cells. Enter the macro in consecutive cells in the same column. Put the first macro line shown below ({windowsoff}{paneloff}) in cell J18. The next line in cell J19, and so on. Do not split any of the command words enclosed in french brackets, {abc}. Do not enter the comments in regular parentheses. When Lotus reads a macro it starts with the first cell in the macro, J18 and continues to read cells J19, J20, J21, etc. until it reaches an empty cell.



(disable global protection)


(worksheet titles clear; worksheet global recalc manual ; range

values end right to L3)


(range transpose)


(erase to the left)


(reset autorecalc and show window)

{GET K27}

(wait for any key, put it in cell K27 (out of sight)


(turn the border on and go to home)

{Down 3}/wth/wgpe

(move down 3 rows and reset the horizontal title and global protection)


(go to the last entry.)

Add the following labels in the designated cells.

  1. K3 : 'Odometer Reading......
  2. K4 : 'Time of Interval......
  3. K5 : 'Miles to Go...........
  4. K6 : 'Speed Over Interval...
  5. K7 : 'Time Remaining........
  6. K8 : 'ETA: This Speed.......
  7. K9 : 'ETA: Avg. Speed.......
  8. K10: 'Average Speed.........
Next name the macro by pressing (MENU) Range Name Create \V J18..- J18 (ENTER).

Place the cursor on the desired row and press (ALT)-V to display that row in list view.

Enter Current Time Macro

The 95LX doesn't have a Time Stamp key like the 100LX. However, you can create the following User Defined character key (system macro) to automatically stamp the current time into a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet.

Press (<Shift>) (FILER) Char to go to the User key display in SET UP. Pick an empty macro field (F3 for this example) and press (ENTER). Key in 123TIME in the Comment: field and in the Contents: field put the following:



Press (F10) (ESC) Quit to save the System Macro. To run the macro, go to the desired cell in your Lotus spreadsheet and (CHAR)-(F3).

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