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Have HP CALC always start in desired application

95LX 100LX

I tend to use it mostly for simple arithmetic: Balancing checkbooks, adding up a page count for the next issue of The HP Palmtop Paper, etc. Because of this, I like to always start in the Arithmetic function. This is no problem on the 95LX. Whenever you quit CALC on the 95LX and start it back up, it starts in the Calculator Arithmetic screen. In fact, you cannot configure the 95LX to come up in any other HP CALC application (TVM, Currency, etc.).

However, on the 100LX, you can configure HP CALC to come up in a particular application. In HP CALC press (MENU) Options Startup Application..., and the following screen is displayed:

Startup Application in HP Calc: Graphic

 Highlight Arithmetic and press (F10) (OK). Set up this way, whenever you quit HP CALC and then go back to it, the Arithmetic function automatically comes up. Of course, you could have selected any HP CALC function to automatically come up.

Rich Hall Editor, The HP Palmtop Paper

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