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Take down contact info in MEMO and transfer it to PHONE

95LX 100LX

Some users find it easier to take down contact information in a MEMO file and then review it at a later time to see if they really want to enter it in their Phone Book.


You can use the 95LX clipboard function to copy contact information from MEMO to a new Phone Book card. You should have the contact information in MEMO formatted as follows: First line contains the name, no more than 30 characters. Second line contains the phone number, no more than 30 characters. The next eight lines will have address or other information. Each of the last eight lines can be no longer than 39 characters. Each line must end carriage return. The MEMO entry on the 95LX might look something like this (left carrots in MEMO indicate hard returns):

Goldstein, Hal (Publisher)

(641) 472-1382 (Fax: 1879)

The HP Palmtop Paper

110 North Court St

Fairfield, IA 52556, USA

Place the cursor at the beginning of the information you want to copy (i.e. on the "G" of "Goldstein"), and press (F9) (Mark). Move the cursor down to the end highlighting the desired information and press (F2) (Copy). Then open PHONE to the Index view and press (F4) (Paste). PHONE will create a new card with the first 30 characters of the first line in Name, the first 30 characters of the second line in Number, and the first 39 characters of the next eight lines in the Address field. Excess characters will not be copied over. If you have 95Buddy [ON DISK] on your Palmtop, you can use the clipboard's copy and paste functions to copy data to individual fields in PHONE's Edit card view.


You can't do the copy described above on the HP 100LX. However, you can copy information line-by-line to different data fields in a phone book entry as described below (using the above contact info as an example):

  1. 1. Go into MEMO, put the cursor at the beginning of the first line and press (<Shift>)-(Fn) (<RightArrow>) to highlight Goldstein, Hal (Publisher), and then press (Fn) (+) to copy it to the clipboard.
  2. 2. Open PHONE and press (F2) to Add an item. The cursor should be resting in the Name field.
  3. 3. Press (Fn)-(+) to paste Goldstein, Hal (Publisher) in the Name field.
Follow this procedure to copy each line in MEMO to the desired data field in PHONE. If you are very consistent in the way you enter data, you can create a system macro that automatically copies contact information into specific data fields in a Phone Book item.

Rich Hall Editor, The HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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