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Fast backup

95LX 100LX

I use DC/DCS95 from the 95LX Connectivity Pack and PKZIP [ON DISK] for backups. [Redirector from the 100LX Connectivity Pack or InterLink form MS-DOS 6.x should work the same way. See the tips under Connectivity. Hal]

I set up the link with DCS95 on the 95LX or 100LX and run DC95 on the PC. My Palmtop's A: drive appears as D: on my PC. I then change directories to my directory for backups and issue the following command:

pkzip back95.zip d:\*.* -r -p -ex

This grabs all my RAM card's directories and subdirectories and compresses them, using max compression, into one file on the PC.

Having the whole backup in a single file saves having many additional directories and files on my PC from many backups. I only do full backups, all the files on the RAM card no matter how old, but PKZIP has options to only zip files that have been changed (with the archive bit set).

If I ever need a file to use or restore, I can PKUNZIP it from the archived file. This method works flawlessly and is fast at 115200 baud.


To handle the C: drive and a large FlashCard you need to get a little more elaborate. I have 17MB of files on my FlashCard with many directories and subdirectories. I set up the DCS95/DC95 link so that the 100LX's A: and C: drives map to the desktop as E: and G:. I have a BAK100.BAT file that looks like this:

pkzip %1-a e:\*.* -r -p -ex -a+ pkunzip %1-a -t pkzip %1-c g:\*.* -r -p -ex -a+ pkunzip %1-c -t

Then I issue the command:

bak100 11-05

This does a full backup of the A: and C: drives from my 100LX into 2 compressed files on my desktop with the filename that looks like today's date. The files will be called 11-05-a.zip and 11-05-c.zip. You can look up the documentation of the PKZIP command, but the parameters say to re-curse down all subdirectories, store complete path names in the archive, use maximum compression, and clear the archive bits on the files that are backed up.

The PKUNZIP line in the above batch file tests the resulting zipped files to make sure that they were not corrupted. The advantage of this method is that it takes up far less room on my desktop so that I can keep several backups. If I ever need a file from the archive, a PKUNZIP path\filename will get it back for me.

Stanley Dobrowski CompuServe ID: [71031,2162]

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