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Outliner formatting can slow down MEMO performance


You can press (F7) (Promote) to start an outline at any point in a MEMO document. You can also press (MENU) Format Outline to adjust the outline indents and select Roman numeral or Decimal numbering styles for the outline. However, if you do either one of these in a large MEMO file, you may notice a slow down in the speed at which the Palmtop enters your keystrokes. Internally, whenever outlining is selected, MEMO puts an outline header in the document. In order to display the outline formatting correctly, MEMO keeps searching back for the previous outline header, which is not particularly efficient.

As long as you don't use outlines in your documents, or as long as the document doesn't get too large, you shouldn't encounter a slow down. However, if you do encounter this problem in a large file, the best thing to do is to save the file as ASCII to get rid of the outliner header. Load the document in MEMO, press (Shift)- (F10) (Save As), tab to the ASCII box and press (<Spacebar>) to make sure it's selected. Then press (F10) to save the file.

This procedure has the unfortunate side effect of eliminating all other formatting as well (bold, underline, header, footer, tab settings, and margins if you've changed them).

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