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May/June 1994

The HP Palmtop Paper

Vol 3, Number 3, May/June 1994

Table of Contents



Third Party Products of Interest to HP Palmtop Users

User Profile: HP Palmtop: A 24-Hour Medical Assistant

Dr. Meissner takes us through a very active day in the life of a Palmtop in the pocket of a Cardiologist.

User Profile: "Doctor on the Fly" Uses the HP Palmtop to Help Save Lives

This doctor prescribes the HP Palmtop as the cure for medical information ills as he uses it to track patient problems, calculate drug doses, and fulfill other functions of his "peripheral brain.".

Medical Profiles

A Less Expensive Solution to Healthcare?

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to spend as much on healthcare, as individuals and as a nation? The HP Palmtop and some inexpensive software might be part of the solution.

The Palmtop Helps Find Radioactive Hazards

The RM-60, a small pocket sized Geiger counter connects to the HP 100LX to allow you to collect and analyze information about radiation in your environment.

Study Tracks Effectiveness of HP Palmtop in Hospital

The house staff of 21 resident physicians used the HP Palmtop for signing out patient information, referencing drug interaction data, reviewing protocols for different medical situations, and more.

Medical and Health-Related Hardware and Software

User to User: Organize your Time by the Compass, not the Clock

Hal turns the HP 100LX into an effective time management tool by focusing on important goals rather than urgent ones.

Serial Port Communications ... Made Easy!

Mark sheds light on the sometimes "Black Art" of using the HP Palmtops' not-completely standard communication port to connect to and communicate with modems, printers, and other PCs.

Through the Looking Glass: Reverse Polish Notation: Less Popular, but Still Potent

The newer HP Palmtop User's Guides devote less space to "Reverse Polish Notation," but RPN can reduce the number of keystrokes for quicker calculations.



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