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HP Palmtop Paper Emphasis Shifting?

HP Palmtop Paper Emphasis Shifting?

I immediately subscribed to The HP Palmtop Paper when I discovered it, and have found it to be useful and invaluable. However, over the past few issues I find that you have shifted your emphasis significantly to product applications, stories, and assistance for 100LX users. The prominence of 95LX-related information has considerably dropped. I am wondering if it would be worthwhile to continue receiving this magazine?

Secondly, I would like to know if there is any way to get support for my 95LX? My unit is completely out of warranty, and living in India I find absolutely no channel open to service or support my unit. The fact that HP has decided to faze out the older Palmtop without providing a suitable support channel makes me ill at ease. I request your suggestion and guidance.

Shatul Shah Bombay, INDIA

[HP is still manufacturing the 95LX, and The HP Palmtop Paper will continue to cover the 95LX, the 100LX, as well as future HP Palmtops. We try to maintain as balanced a coverage as possible, even adding 95LX information to HP 100LX articles. We will continue supporting HP 95LX users for at least a year after HP discontinues the product.

We take special care in Basic Tips and Quick Tips to make sure that the tip is complete for both Palmtops where possible. We added the 95LX and 100LX icons to make it easier to identify Tips and 3rd Party Products for each Palmtop.

Having said that we also realize that most new subscribers own the HP 100LX, and many of our HP 95LX subscribers have upgraded to an HP 100LX. New developments, new products, new discoveries tend to revolve around the newer 100LX, and this trend will continue. Our advertisers tell us that 95LX-related products sales have declined significantly compared to 100LX-related sales.

The bottom line is that as more of our audience are HP 100LX users, we will give this newer palmtop more editorial space. However, each issue and the bonus issues and Subscriber PowerDisk contain plenty of HP 95LX information, information not available elsewhere.

(Back issues of The HP Palmtop Paper -Fall '91 through 1993 -are packed with information specific to the 95LX and are still available using the order form in this issue).

We appreciate your feedback and welcome suggestions for improving the Palmtop Paper.

In regard to support for your HP Palmtop: Every country outside of the United States is handled differently. The support availability and policies will differ from country to country. The address that we got from HP Technical support for India is: Hewlett-Packard Company, Attn: A. Sivasalim, 29 Cunningham Road, Bengalore 560-052; Phone: 812-261-254; Fax: 91-080-200-196 -Hal Goldstein.]

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