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Avoid copying over important files; Program to determine sunrise/sunse

Avoid copying over important files; Program to determine sunrise/sunset

Here is a way to prevent copying over your address file in PHONE, or your first file in MEMO or Lotus 1-2-3. I use this method on the HP 95LX. I know you should back up everything on a RAM card, but if you don't have one, this trick can save you a lot of grief.

The problem is this. When you create a new PHONE, MEMO, or 1-2-3 file and try to save it, you are presented with a screen that asks you to give a name to the file. Press (ENTER) without giving the file a name and you're asked if you want to replace the first file on the list with the proper extension. If you answer Yes without thinking, you've erased that file.

The solution is to make a "safety file" for each of the applications and label it 0.PBK, 0.TXT, and 0.WK1. You might put the word "Safety" in the files to remind you of their purpose. The fact that the safety file for a particular application begins with the number 0 insures that it will be the file you accidentally save your new file to. You can then go to FILER and rename the safety file with the name you intended for your new file. Finally, make a new safety file to save you from disaster the next time you forget to name a new file.

Another solution for recovering written over files is to contact the following company: File Recovery Services, 3415 N.E. Canterbury Circle, Corvallis, OR 97330, USA; Phone: 503-757-0044. They may be able to help recover lost/corrupted files.

I continue to use and enjoy my 95LX. I recently traveled to Costa Rica and southern Mexico to scout locations for a series of natural history tours that I will be doing next spring. It is so handy to write reports on airplanes and in the evenings, and post them the next day. If I had a fax card I could send them via phone.

I just learned of another program that calculates sunrise and sunset times around the world. It is called SunLight and is available from Global Connection Inc., 50 S. River St., Ste 105, Janesville, WI 53545, USA; Phone: 608-752-3695; Fax: 608-752-9548. SunLight was written by a Norwegian and was used by the Norwegian Polar expedition that tried to walk from Russia over the North Pole to Canada in 1992.

C. Allan Morgan Tuscon AZ, USA

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