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Shareware/ Freeware

Shareware/ Freeware

Shareware is a non-commercial software programs made available to users on a trial basis. If a user decides to continue using the software after a short period of time, they are required to pay a modest registration fee (usually around $10 to $50). Freeware is offered by its author at no charge.

Products listed in this section are available through on-line information systems like CompuServe (CIS) and America On Line (AOL). Programs available on the HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK will be marked with the on disk icon and further referenced in the ON DISK index on page 64 of this issue.

ABKTool 4.0A 95LX

Upgrade of a stand-alone viewer and editor of .ABK files created by the 95LX APPT program. Corrects a bug in the "Edit (priority) labels" function.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Shareware

Runs under SysMgr . . . . Yes

Shareware fee: . . . . $30

Upgrade existing users . . . . free

CONTACT: Available on PTP ON DISK or from Library 7 of the HP Hand forum on CompuServe. Shareware also available directly from author: Paul Kramer, One Linden Place, Woodland, CA 95695, USA. (Please add $5 ($8 overseas) for floppy disk.)


ClipVue is a small 100LX .EXM utility that extends clipboard functionality to DOS programs. ClipVue lets you save the clipboard contents to a file, and load that file back into the clipboard. This file can in turn be read from, or written to, by DOS applications that normally don't have access to the SysMgr clipboard. ClipVue can also be used to take a quick glance at clipboard contents in text format before doing a paste, for example.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Freeware

Runs under SysMgr . . . . Yes

Pricing . . . . Freeware

CONTACT: Available on the HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or on CompuServe's HP HAND forum, Library 11.

{COMMO} 6.0  100LX

High-performance terminal program for the 100LX and other DOS computers (also runs well in Windows and OS/2, does not work on the 95LX). Now with multiple macro files and phone files, new protocol macros, user-defined keys, VT-220 keyboard file, auto Doorway support. Large macros now run much faster. Many other improvements and enhancements. {COMMO} is small, fast, reliable and has features of programs many times its size.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Shareware

Shareware registration . . . . $30-60

(Depending on the options selected, the user's location and the user's circumstances (student, sysop, low-income, etc.).)

Upgrade . . . . Free

(Printed manual and/or disk costs extra. Users must write author for a new passkey. Complete upgrade instructions are in READ.ME in {COMMO} archive.)

CONTACT: Available on The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or CompuServe's HPHAND forum. Also contact: Fred P. Brucker, P.O. Box 141537, Columbus, OH 43214; U.S.A.; Phone: 614-326-1309; CompuServe: [71021,356]; Internet: 71021.356@compuserve.com.

Helv100 <ON DISK ICON> 100LX

This program contains a complete new font definition for both the 25x80 and the 18x64 screen formats. The fonts are slightly larger than the original Hewlett Packard fonts. Install by copying the program to the 100LX and running it from the DOS prompt (or from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file). The new font will be used whenever a new mode is selected. You can execute mode co80 from DOS or simply start the System Manager with the command 100 from the DOS prompt.

The fonts are based on the original Helvetica font and were created with the FCL <ON DISK ICON> font generating program. The software is freeware and is provided on an as-is basis.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Freeware

Pricing . . . . Freeware

CONTACT: The program is available on CompuServe or The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK. See ON DISK Index, page 64 for more information.


Set of utilities written to speed up the performance of the 100LX by changing certain low-level settings. Together they can add almost a 31% speed increase to the 100LX. Although results have been good, you must use this program at your own risk.

TURBO.ZIP includes:

TURBO.COM -Changes the speed of access to the plug-in memory chips and ROM chips. Results in 100LX applications running about 15% faster. Slightly speeds up file read/write times.

Author has tested program for several months and has discovered no adverse side effects.

TURBOCPU.COM & MAXCPU.COM -Increase your 100LX's CPU performance by 7% or 16%. These programs tell the 100LX to expect a higher frequency crystal than is actually there. this causes the timer of the chip to slow down and reduce the number of accesses to the CPU. More CPU cycles become available to do your programs' work.

Side effect: Timer also controls the display refresh rate, keyboard scan rate, and serial port baud rate. Using these programs can cause a flickering of the LCD display, slowing down of keyboard typing rate, and cause the serial port to become inoperative.

NORMCPU.COM -Restores the CPU to its regular speed and eliminates the problems associated with TURBOCPU.COM & MAXCPU.COM.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Freeware

Pricing . . . . Freeware

CONTACT: Available on The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or CompuServe's HP Hand forum.

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