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Portable Nurse Works System 100LX

Portable Nurse Works System 100LX

This PCMCIA based software program solves drug dosage and flow rate problems. Drug dosage problems handled include solid forms, liquid forms, child's dose, and individual dose of drugs given in mg/kg, mg/kg/day, and mg/m2. Flow rate problems handled include Standard LV, fluids, critical care drips in mcg/kg/min and mg/min.

The program handles unit conversions, critical care, nutritional assessment, and tallies I&O's. Options are selected from single menu. Instructions provided bottom of each screen.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . PCMCIA card Pricing . . . . $499

CONTACT: Pocket-Consultant, 7420 Unity Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443, USA; Phone: 612-229-6260; Fax: 612-566-6727.

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