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Select the PHONE information you want to print out

95LX 100LX

At times you may need to distribute a printed version of your Phone Book file. But, you may not want to print out "everything." Some of the information may be unnecessary or confidential.


First you have to create a Smart Clip selecting the fields you want printed. Second, you print the file using the Smart Clip. I'll do this for PHONE, but this works with any 100LX database application (PHONE, APPT, DATA BASE, or WORLD TIME).

To create a Smart Clip, go to PHONE and press (F5) (Clip) to open the Smart Clip list; (F2) (Define) to open a blank Define Smart Clip screen; and (F2) (Field) to pop-up the field selection list.

Smart Clip Fields:  Graphic

 Highlight a field, Name for example, press (<Tab>) and type in the number of characters (15) you want printed out from that field. Press (<Tab>) again and select the justification (Left, Right or Center) for that field. You can also check off two additional boxes, one to suppress printing a line if there is no information in the field, and the other to reverse the name in the name field (i.e. "Smith, John" becomes "John Smith"). Then press (ENTER) (OK) to add that field to your Smart Clip definition.

To select another field (i.e. Business Phone) to print press (F2) again and follow the same process as above. After you have selected the desired fields, press (F10) (OK) to save the Smart Clip giving it the name, Business Phones for example. Press (ENTER) again to save the changes to the Smart Clip list.

Print the Business Phones list in PHONE by pressing (MENU) File Print. Then Tab to the Style box and use the arrow keys to select Custom. Tab to the scroll list under custom and use the arrow keys to select the Business Phones Smart Clip. Make any additional selections necessary in the Print screen and press (F10) (OK) to print out the file in the new format.

PRINTING FROM THE HP 95LX On the 95LX you can print one record, tagged records or the entire listing. You can print either the Index format (a listing of the Name field and the Phone field, one entry per line) or the Card format (first line Name, second line Phone, third and following lines Address, with a blank line between entries). There are no other print options in the PHONE application. From PHONE press (MENU) Print and select whether you want to print to the printer, or to a file.

However, PRT95.ZIP <ON DISK ICON> provides additional formatting and printing features for 95LX Phone Book files. With PRT95.ZIP you can select fields and field widths as well as printing out several different formats such as Rolodex, double sided phone book, and mailing labels. It can also output the PHONE Book information to a text file that can be imported to other applications.

Robert Roney Editor, HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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