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Save disk space: Delete the ICON file after adding it to Application Manager


To associate an ICON with a DOS application that you have added to Application Manager, the .ICN file must have the same name as the program file and they must be in the same path.

For example if you have a program CARDGAME.EXE (or CARDGAME.EXM) in the a:\game directory, you would call the icon file, CARDGAME.ICN. It would also have to be located in A:\ GAME directory. Then when you tab down to the Icon field in System Manager's Add (F2) or Edit (F3) screens use the down arrow to scroll to your to new icon.

Once the icon is associated with the program, the actual 200 bytes of the icon picture is stored in the APPMGR.DAT file and the CARDGAME.ICN file can be erased, as long as you don't want to use it for another program.

Fred Kaufman CompuServe ID: [72560,36]

[Steven Richeimer CompuServe ID: [75006,3475] has developed a System Macro and set of instruction that will let you view a set of ICONS on the 100LX, ICONVI.APP <ON DISK ICON> -Robert.]

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