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Two quick ways to return to System Manager from DOS

95LX 100LX

If you have ever tried to exit from DOS back to System Manager by pressing (MENU) Q, you noticed that nothing happens. This command is only functional in System Manager applications. But, being creatures of habit, we want to use the same commands in DOS.

Here's a small trick that will nearly make it work. Create a simple two-line batch file for the 100LX:



or for the 95LX:



Name the file Q.BAT and store it in C:\ or somewhere in your DOS path. Then, whenever you're at the DOS prompt and happen to hit (MENU) Q to quit DOS, just press (ENTER), and you're back in System Manager.

(The command 100 for the 100LX and the $sysmgr for the 95LX return you to System Manager.)

Gilles Kohl CompuServe ID: [100114,3146]


You can save space on the 100LX by using DOSKEY to accomplish the same thing. A batch file takes one whole cluster (512 bytes) on the disk even if it only has 10 or 15 bytes of information in it. Include the following line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and reboot the 100LX:

doskey q=exit$t100

When you press Quit from DOS, you go back to the 100LX System Manager.

Thomas Rundel CompuServe ID: [100023,2477]

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