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July/August, 1994

The HP Palmtop Paper

Vol.3, No.4 July/August, 1994

Table of Contents

Publisher's Message

Letters to the Editor

NEWS: HP's New 200LX Palmtop PC Replaces the 100LX and Features Intuit's Pocket Quicken

HP's new Palmtop makes it easy to track expenditures with Pocket Quicken and improves the "look and feel" of the hardware and built-in applications. HP also releases a new Connectivity Pack for both the 100LX and 200LX.

HP 200LX at a glance: Some of its more important hardware and software features

Third Party Products of Interest to HP Palmtop Users

Finally I can read the phone numbers!

Magnify! from ACE Technologies displays enlarged sections of the HP 100/200LX's screen and saves your eyes in the process.

Spell Checking on the HP Palmtops

Need a full-featured spelling checker on your HP Palmtop? Here are some alternatives.

HP 100LX as Shopping Assistant

SHASS can be a simple shopping assistant or a powerful inventory management system.

Project KickStart: A Palmtop Project Planner

Plan a project in 30 minutes, anywhere, anytime, with your HP 100LX Palmtop PC and Project KickStart

HP 200LX: First Impressions of HP's New Palmtop PC

HP 200LX: A 100LX with Pocket Quicken plus lots of nice improvements.

User Profile: Author/Seminar Leader Uses Palmtop to Write New Book

What's the best computer you own? The one you use all the time!

Using Stacker 4.0 to Double Your Disk Space

Mark re-examines compression software for the HP Palmtops and tells you how to squeeze more onto those costly memory cards with Stacker 3.0 or 4.0.

User Profiles: Many Uses for NoteTaker

The HP 100/200LX has so many built-in applications, you hardly have time to use them all. One of the many neglected is Note Taker. If you've ever thought "what use is NoteTaker?", or want some ideas to enhance your use, read on!

What's a Seven-Letter Word for Portable Computing?

It's easier to solve a crossword puzzle, than to create one. Especially if the subject of the puzzle is the HP Palmtop.

Connectivity Pack Notes from HP Tech Support

Get the most common solutions to problems with the HP Palmtop Connectivity Pack from HP's Mobile Computing Customer Support.

Programmer's Corner: Create Interactive Batch Files with ECHONL

Ed shows how to create a variation of DOS's "ECHO" command that will let you create interactive DOS batch programs that ask for input and display menus.



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